The first draft of the EuARe programme is out! In the searchable PDF available below, you will find the full list of planned sessions, including their dates and times, rooms and venues, and a general outline of the conference schedule.
Panel proponents and speakers are invited to check for possible overlappings and ask the EuARe Secretariat for possible panel re-scheduling no later than May 15th.



The main conference venues will be Plesso Belmeloro, a university building in Via Andreatta, 8, and FSCIRE, in Via San Vitale, 114. Other activities will take place in Teatro San Leonardo (Via San Vitale, 63), Ateliersi (Via San Vitale, 69), and the Library of San Giorgio in Poggiale (Via Nazario Sauro, 20/2). Except for the Library, all other venues are at a minimum walking distance from one another.