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In the 2021 EuARe hybrid conference the organisers are working with the company Placke & Kulemann, which provides the conference technique on-site in Münster, and with the company Zummit, which provides the online techniques and platform.

  • Online participants can join all conference panels, discussions, and keynotes

  • Online participants can join online meeting rooms for connecting with others

  • On-site participants can also participate online

  • the conference schedule is provided online in a smart app, which will be available before the conference.


New are three discussion forums: 

  • Islam in Modern Europe – with Mouhamad Korchide (Münster, Germany), Susanne Schröter (Frankfurt, Germany), and Jure Zovko (Zadar, Croatia).

  • History of religion and genealogy of postmetaphysical thinking. Religion in Jürgen Habermas writings – with Thomas Schmidt (Frankfurt, Germany), Maeve Cooke (Dublin, Ireland), Eduardo Mendieta (Pennsylvania, USA), and Kanchana Mahadvan (Mumbai, India) 

  • Pandemic, Religion and Governance – with Jocelyne Cesari (Birmingham, Uk / Washington, USA), Kenneth Mtata (Harare, Zimbabwe), Poinsar Pakpahan (Jakarta, Indonesia), and Nam Kyu Lee (Suwon, South Korea). 

The complete List of Panels with their details can be found here

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