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The launching event of the European Academy of Religion occurred on December 5, 2016 in the Aula Magna Santa Lucia of the University of Bologna. More than three hundred institutions (research centers and scholarly associations, departments and scientific journals, publishers and media) supported the Academy’s founding, with more than five hundred delegates participating in the conference.


The launching event was an opportunity for everyone to meet, discuss and to raise awareness about the institutions with which they are affiliated. In order to foster mutual understanding and encourage dialogue, an alphabetical catalog of all parties, containing brief descriptions of their activities and research topics was distributed on the day of the event: the research Yellow Pages.

The proposals and suggestions made within the three discussion groups were collected and examined by the moderators of each committee. Together with the organizational secretariat, moderators make up the international Board of the newly-formed Association. The results of the activities of the Board were presented on January 2, 2017 through a letter sent to all participants and posted on the website of the European Academy of Religion.

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