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The EuARe is willing to offer its members the possibility to patron scientific activities such as seminars, conferences and other events. Proposed initiatives should be scientifically sound and clearly connected to religious issues. The EuARe sponsorship is made available for initiatives coming from different religious and non-religious organizations, universities, centres and journals.



What we ask

The organization/university/centre should submit a formal request including the following:

  • the aims of the initiative;

  • the names of other organizations/universities/centres/journals involved in the initiative (we encourage cooperation with other EuARe members);

  • a program;

  • the list of all the materials where the EuARe logo will be placed.



What we offer


EuARe offers the possibility to use its logo in the approved materials and to post on its website, Twitter page and Facebook page all the information about the initiative. Obtaining EuARe patronage does not imply any financial support.


All proposals must be sent to and addressed to the Executive Committee of the EuARe, which will evaluate them according to the scientific aim and strategy of the EuARe.


Any statement or publication connected to the activity under patronage does not engage the EuARe but remains the exclusive responsibility of the organizing institutions.

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