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The Third Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion, scheduled to take place in Bologna, was held online from June 21 to June 25, 2020. A selection of videos including keynote lectures, book presentations by the Alberigo Award finalists, panels (both pre-recorded and live), and webinars offered by some publishing houses were released on the EuARe YouTube channel daily. Some of the features of the publishers' exhibit area were offered to the EuARe members and conference participants in partnership with the following publishing houses: Atla, Brepols, Brill, De Gruyter, Edition Ruprecht, Equinox, Il Mulino, Mohr Siebeck, Palgrave, and Routledge.


Thanks to the lively engagement of the EuARe prospective speakers and panel proponents, new contents were released on the channel further to the conference days in the frame of #EuAReWeekly.

EuARe2020 was also the occasion for the assignment of two excellency awards: the Alberigo Award (at its second edition) and the Piazza Grande Religion Journalism Award.

The Alberigo Award honoured this year Unn Falkeid (University of Oslo) with the Senior Award (€ 20,000), and Kenneth Goudie (Ghent University) with the Junior Award (€ 10,000).

The Piazza Grande Religion Journalism Award (€ 2,500) – the result of a partnership between Fscire and the IARJ (International Association of Religion Journalists) aimed at honouring the work of journalists covering faith and religion in Europe, including Iceland and Russia, and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean basin – was awarded to Federica Tourn, author of the article God behind bars, published in the magazine Jesus.

All videos are accessible by clicking on the boxes in the grid above or visiting our YouTube Channel.




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