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The Annual Conference 2021 of the European Academy of Religion took place in Münster (Germany) from Monday, August 30 to Thursday, September 2.

During the Conference,137 sessions have been active, including panels and book presentations. The Conference was held in a hybrid format with 798 participants joining the sessions both in Münster and remotely.

The program was enriched by three discussion forums on Islam in Modern Europe, the history of religion and the genealogy of post-metaphysical thinking - Religion in Jürgen Habermas writings, and the relationship between Pandemic, Religion and Governance

Azza Karam (Religions for Peace), Vassilis Saroglou (UCLouvain), Guy Stroumsa (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Rowan Williams (University of Cambridge), and Judith Wolfe (University of St. Andrews) were invited to give keynote lectures around the topic: “Religion and Change”.

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