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The European Academy of Religion aims to create an inclusive network, to act as an open platform, and to provide a framework to foster research, communication, exchange and cooperation concerning important religious issues for the academic world and society at large.


As stated by our Statute, each year the Academy convenes an annual conference that combines working sessions (panels, working groups, round tables and book presentations) with four keynote lectures offered by internationally renowned scholars. While the subjects of the working sessions reflect the variety of disciplines embraced by the Academy, the lessons are focused on a specific topic, which is different each year.


The program of each annual conference reflects well our approach, our choices and the inclusiveness we want to adopt. The heterogeneity of the topics is exactly the hallmark of EuARe: we are constantly working to involve all academic disciplines and the various countries represented, and we support the creation and dissemination of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge to contribute to the construction of society and the formation of culture.


On December 5, 2016 more than three hundred funding institutions from all over Europe participated in the launching of the EuARe.

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