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Click on the bottom link to explore the final schedule of the 2024 European Academy of Religion annual conference. 

The Registration Desk will be in Biblioteca La Pira - Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose, Via degli Schioppettieri 25.
Please make sure to gather your badge and the conference materials before entering the venues.

Registration desk
Opening hours

19/05 - from 14:00 until 19:00
20/05 - from 8:00 until 18:00
21/05 - from 8:00 until 18:00
22/05 - from 8:00 until 18:00
23/05 - from 8:00 until 12:00

Opening Ceremony

EuARe2024 Opening Ceremony will be held in Sala Magna at Palazzo Steri,
Piazza Marina 60,
at 17:30 on May 20th.

Gala dinner

The Gala dinner will be held at Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa at 20:00, on May 22nd.
We remind you that the event is sold out, and only participants who registered for the event can participate.


How to navigate the program

The program can be navigated as a synoptic table in the Calendar section: here you’ll find day-to-day information about panels organized by venues and halls. Within each session, you can view the panel description, all panel participants, and the titles of the papers presented. Clicking on a panel in the synoptic table will display all information about the session. Clicking on the panelists' names will display all sessions in which he/she is involved.
To navigate the program based on
Venues and Halls, click on this section.
In the
Papers section, you will find all the titles of the papers that will be presented during the conference.
In the
Keynote Lectures section, you will find the title and the description of the Keynote Lectures scheduled for the conference. Click on them to discover more about them, and where to attend them.
In the
Panelists section, you can browse the complete list of presenters and find out in which panels they are involved.
In the
Book of Abstracts section, you will be able to download the full program in .pdf for printing.
If you want to look for specific information, type what you're looking for in the
Search function at the top of the page.

Mark the papers you're interested in as Favorites by using the green star to create your agenda of papers of interest and download it from the My Agenda section.

All panelists will receive a separate private email with their final Personal Agenda for the conference on May 2nd, 2024.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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