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2022 will mark the end of the four-year term of service for our Executive Committee. Therefore, we are going to elect a new Executive Committee during our next General Assembly, taking place in person, on June 21st, during the 2022 EuARe Annual Conference.


As is required by our Statutes, EC members shall be chosen among the individual members of the EuARe and they are elected by the EuARe General Assembly. The EuARe Executive Committee is a key body in EuARe governance. The EuARe President, the Executive Vice-President, the Secretary-General, and the Treasurer are elected among its members; it organizes the activity of the EuARe and manages its affairs under the terms of this statute. It is composed of nine members and, with the exception of the President, they shall serve a term of four years and can be re-elected for one more term only. More on the EuARe governance is available on this page.

According to the rules below, we invite interested members to submit their candidacies by May 30th (extended deadline).





The Call for Candidates opens on April 13th. To apply, candidates should send to the EuARe Secretariat ( a CV, a short bio, and a statement of up to 200 words describing their view on their role in the EC and/or on the EuARe for the next term.

The EuARe Secretariat will collect the candidacies and communicate them on the EuARe website and social media channels. Candidates shall, therefore, give their explicit consent for processing their personal data in their statements.

After the call is closed, the list of candidates and all related documents and details will be forwarded to the EuARe Members by May 31st (extended deadline).


A definitive Order of Business for the General Assembly and the indications of the voting procedure will be sent by May 20th.

On Election Day (June 21st), before entering the room of the Assembly, the EuARe Secretariat checks for membership statuses and votes by proxy. Voting papers, containing the names of the candidates, will be distributed accordingly. Members are allowed to express a maximum of 2 votes by proxy.

The list of candidates will be presented again during the Assembly and then we will open the ballot.

We collect papers and suspend the Assembly while votes are counted. Two independent scrutineers will be chosen for counting. Then the Assembly will resume and we will announce the new EC.


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