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The EuARe is organising a reception for associations during the conference days. EuARe collective members and panel proposers linked to associations, networks, research groups, or journals sponsoring panels are invited to participate and meet the EuARe Executive Committee.

The reception is an opportunity to initiate a direct and fruitful dialogue with other associations that bring together scholars with shared research fields or topics who find in the EuARe a place to meet and share their research.

In opening this dialogue, the EuARe wishes to strengthen its effort in supporting the study, research, and collaboration on religious topics, offering a place where associations meet periodically with their members and where their panels or seminars can also be hosted with economic and organisational ease.

The reception is on Wednesday, June 21, at 18:00​ in the Gateway Building Boardroom.

Join us with your fellow association members: click on the image above and fill in the form by Wednesday, June 7 to confirm your participation.

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