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EuARe 2021 - Münster Conference FAQ

How will online participation work? 

  • Every participant has to register for the conference in the INDICO System of the University of Münster until Friday, August 27th. To register follow this Link:

  • Please use an E-Mail address you are checking frequently since the E-mail with the invitation to the Eventplatform (ZUMMIT) will be sent to you via this address. This invitation will be sent to you in the course of the next few days.

  • In this E-Mail, you will find a link for the login to the conference. When you are logged in you can modify your profile, create your individual schedule, get in contact with other participants and have a look at the info and documents, which the publishers will present. 

  • When you want to join a panel, a discussion, or a keynote lecture, you just search for it in the schedule and join when it starts ( it is possible to join 30 minutes prior

  • You will also find the „virtual bar“ to meet other participants online. The „ opening hours “ can be found on the schedule as well. 

  • The platform is also supported by an App, which you can download on your phone after the invitation

How will hybrid participation work? 

  • All panels that take place in a hybrid mode will get technical support on-site. You can just go to the room which is allocated in the program. There will be one assistant in each room, who will manage the platform and support your presentation

  • As a panellist on-site, we would like to ask you to have your presentation with you on a USB Stick

  • Participants on-site and online will be able to interact with the help of the platform (ZUMMIT) 

  • There will be one assistant in each room, who will manage the platform and support your presentation

Where do I get my conference documents?


  • Since many of the usual documents are already covered by the app and the platform, there will be fewer documents than you are probably used to

  • You will receive your conference badge and other useful documents at the main entrance of the Fürstenberghaus (Domplatz 20 22 48143 Münster)

  • We are also asking you to come to this Info point to show your proof of vaccination, recovery or your test result more info under: What are the safety measures for the conference?

  • The info point will be staffed from 8am-8pm every day


How do I get access to the Wi-Fi on-site?


  • Since the technical side of your presentation on-site is already set up you won‘t need Wi-Fi for this, but regardless of this, you should of course be able to use the Wi-Fi

  • You can connect with the Wi-Fi with an eduroam account

  • If you do not have an eduroam account please come to the info point at the Fürstenberghaus. You can get a guest account there

What are the safety measures for the conference? 

  1. fully vaccinated

  2. recovered from a COVID 19 infection within the last 6 months prior to the conference

  3. tested from an official test station in the last 48 hours with an Antigen Test

  • Please bring a certificate with you, that proofs one of these 3 options. We will have to control this

  • A minimum distance of 1.5m must be maintained 

  • If it is not possible to maintain this distance medical face masks are required

  • When you took your seat, you can remove the mask, when you move between the buildings, you need to wear it!

  • The panel rooms have to be aerated on a regular basis

  • You will need to leave your details for contact tracing, either with the so-called Luca App ( which is popular in Germany or you need to fill out a document in handwriting. No third party will have access to the data. Only in case of a Corona Infection in relation to our conference, we must give the data to the health department. 

Where can I get tested? 

  • It depends on which kind of test you need

  1. For participation in the conference (if not vaccinated or recovered) you‘ll need a so-called Antigentest. We cooperate with the Adler Pharmacy, which is only a 2-minute walk away from our conference (Salzstr.58 48143 Münster). Under this link, you'll find all test stations in Münster: They are listed by ZIP Code; the Code of the conference Buildings is 48143. You register online and get the test result via E-Mail.

  2. For a PCR Test (you will not need it for the participation in the conference, but maybe your homeland requires it for your travel, please check this with your foreign office) there are not so many test stations, but you can book this kind of test here i.a.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lena Mausbach ( until the conference. During the conference, you can use the Info Point in the Foyer of the Fürstenberghaus. It will be staffed from 8am-8pm every day. 


We are looking forward to an interesting conference with you!

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