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The European Academy of Religion (EuARe) invites publishers, exhibitors, and other interested parties to participate in its next Annual Conference, hosted by the St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology (University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK) and Australian Catholic University. The Annual Conference, held regularly since 2016, offers an opportunity to meet experts in theology and religious studies from both Europe and further afield. This year the Conference will be held in conjunction with the annual gatherings of the UK Association of Buddhist Studies (UKABS) and the Cusanus Society of UK & Ireland. It will also coincide with a memorial conference celebrating the contribution of Christoph Schwöbel to Christian theology and an international workshop examining topics in music and spiritual realities.


Sponsorship is an essential pillar of the Annual Conference, and we look forward to offering a range of exciting opportunities again this year. On this page potential sponsors can explore opportunities for reaching out and engaging with conference participants.


Bookstall or other exhibit


  • A bookstall or other exhibit. Publishers/exhibitors can set up a stall in a centrally located marquee acting as the main conference hub. Full details can be found here.


Getting involved in the conference programme 

All sponsors will have their name and logo listed in the conference programme and book of abstracts, and on the conference website.

  • The Conference Marquee. Sponsor name and logo displayed at the entrance to and throughout the Marquee. (£2500; one only. Sponsors will receive two complementary full EuARe 2023 conference passes and two invitations to the Gala Dinner.)

  • Events:

    • The Gala Dinner on Thursday. Sponsor name and logo displayed at the venue and on the printed menu. (£2500; one only. Sponsors will receive two complementary full EuARe 2023 conference passes and two invitations to the Gala Dinner.)

    • A reception. All or part of a reception held during the Conference may be sponsored, with the sponsor name and logo being displayed during the event. (Variable cost)

    • Provision of pre-Gala Dinner drinks and canapés on Thursday. Sponsor name and logo displayed near the drinks table. (Variable cost.)

    • Conference coffee break. Sponsor name and logo displayed in the coffee area. (£500/coffee break.)

    • Whisky tasting event. Sponsor name and logo displayed during the event. (£500; single event.)

  • An Author Meets Critique (AMC) session. Publishers with special issues, volumes, or collections they wish to launch may sponsor an AMC. Sponsors will receive prominent advertisement during the session. (Variable cost.)

  • A panel. Sponsors can either cover the registration fees of panellists or fund their participation in other ways. In cases where an agreement does not exist between sponsors and panellists prior to the presentation of a panel proposal, EuARe can support communication between the relevant parties, but is not involved in the funding procedures. Included would be prominent advertisement of the sponsor at the sponsored panel meeting. (Variable cost.)

  • Conference bags. The bag provided to all delegates upon registration will bear the sponsor’s name and logo. (Variable cost.)

  • Promotional materials for inclusion within conference bags. Leaflet, flyer, or other item for inclusion can be sent to us a month in advance or printed in St Andrews at the publisher/exhibitor’s own expense. (Variable cost.)


Register to sponsor one or more of these opportunities here. For more information, please contact the Organizing Committee at To view our current exhibitors and find out more about the 2023 conference, please click here.

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