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#EuARe 2024
Palermo, Italy
May 20-23, 2024

The city of Palermo, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is the main city of the Sicily region.

Located on the northwest coast of the island, it will enchant you with its historical treasures and vibrant culture, which will make it a perfect gateway to your conference experience. 

On this page, you will find all the useful information needed to get to Palermo, whether you're coming by plane, train, ferry, or car

We also invite you to visit Palermo's official tourism website for any additional inquiries.


The nearest airport is Palermo International Airport "Falcone e Borsellino" (Punta Raisi)from which the city can be easily reached by bus, train, taxi, or car. 

The bus transport service to reach the city center is offered by the Prestìa e Comandè company, which will take you from the Airport to Palermo Central Station in 45 minutes.

If you want to take the train, there are rides connecting the city of Palermo directly to the airport terminal every 30 minutes, and it will take you to the city center in around 40 minutes. Check the timetables on the Trenitalia website opting for Palermo Aeroporto Punta Raisi - Palermo Centrale. 

Outside the airport there are also various stopping points for taxis. The route to the center takes around 40 min.

Finally, one may also opt for one of the car rental services inside the airport.

Another option is Aeroporto Vincenzo Florio Trapani Birgi, which is also well connected to many European cities. This airport is located around 100km away from Palermo. 

From here, you can rent a car from one of the rental services inside the aiport, or take a bus to Palermo, which will take around 2hrs. Bus rides are limited to certain hours, so make sure to check the timetables on the Airport's website and plan accordingly to your landing time.


The Port of Palermo is located in the heart of the city. The main shipping companies that arrive in Palermo are Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi lines, and Tirrenia, but the port is also directly connected via waterway to Genoa, Naples, Civitavecchia, Cagliari, Salerno, Aeolian Islands, Ustica, Tunis and Milazzo.


The main train station, Palermo Stazione Centrale, is located in the Old Town District in Piazza Giulio Cesare.

These trains connect this hub to every other major Italian city, as well as other main Sicilian cities. If you're planning on taking the train, you can check the Trenitalia website for timetables and fares.


If you're coming from the mainland, you can catch a ferry to cross the Strait of Messina with one of the ferry services active during the day, and then reach Palermo through the Palermo-Messina A20 motorway, which runs along the Tyrrhenian coast from Messina.

If you're coming from other parts of the island, you can reach Palermo through the Palermo-Trapani A29 motorway, or the Palermo-Catania A19 motorway.


For all information regarding the public transport system, we point out these two apps available for Android and iOS: Muoversi a Palermo and PalerMobilità.

Note for travelers: on May 23rd Palermo commemorates the killing of the anti-mafia magistrate Giovanni Falcone. Some manifestations and parades are likely to cause inconvenience to road traffic.

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